Online A/V is a manufacturer’s rep firm serving the Hi-Fi, Home Theater and Architectural installation markets in the territories of Ohio,Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. It was formed in 1995 as the logical progression (and sister company) of Online Marketing, which serves the professional audio, retail and commercial installation markets.

By continuing to apply our tried and true business skills to this market, and by partnering the varied talents of Milo Kosich , a long standing consumer electronics veteran, we have contributed and we will continue to contribute to the success of a number of manufacturers, retailers, and contractors in this territory. Milo has been active in virtually every aspect of the consumer electronics industry for over twenty years. He began his career in this industry as a manufacturer’s rep and ascended the ranks of manufacturing, marketing and sales management for a number of prominent manufacturers. Among his many credits, Milo holds three utility patents, has designed and marketed numerous highly successful audio and home theater products, and has produced impressive sales growth in every position he has held, including his tenure as president of Online A/V.

While the audio-visual, commercial, Hi-Fi, and installation markets have historically been well defined, the future of electronics holds one fundamental truth: the lines between these markets have blurred beyond recognition. Online is uniquely positioned to leverage these changes to your benefit. By focusing on the broad market, as opposed to a small segment of it, Online is perfectly positioned to take your products to every available market. The same sort of effort that made us the most successful Pro rep in the territory is producing similar results in Hi-Fi and these related markets. Whether the customer is audio-visual, commercial, Hi-Fi, or independent contractor, Online has the team in place to get the order and guarantee sell through.

Early in 2002, Online made a significant investment in our network to support our field offices and increase the efficiencies of our road salesmen. Our new Wide Area Network allows our field offices and other employees to access our internal network from any location through the internet – even over a dial-up. They can place and check on their own orders, access our CRM software, look at inventories and receivables at any time, from anywhere. It’s an investment to make the most of the greatest asset our company has – our people.

While many are satisfied to be shaped by circumstance, we prefer to shape ourselves. We see many rep firms in a constant state of reaction, standing at the fork in the road, wondering which way to go. They don’t realize that the fork in the road will take you nowhere if you don’t know where you’re going. This is a complex time. Industries are blending. Retailers are changing. Consumers are maturing. Technology is quickly advancing. Your customer’s mind share is much more difficult to acquire. How will you get it? We have discovered over the years that sometimes the greatest reward comes from outwitting the fork and getting off the road altogether.

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