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Biamp SageVue™

SageVue is a browser-based monitoring and management platform for Tesira® and Devio® devices. Deployed at the end user site, SageVue provides technology managers, integrators, and end users with a single, comprehensive overview and status of all Tesira and Devio devices connected to the network, as well as the ability to perform several administrative tasks easily and efficiently. SageVue is also equipped with a full-featured RESTful API, giving technology managers the ability to pull information into custom dashboards or be directly integrated with third-party monitoring applications developed by system integrators or enterprise organizations. To streamline user access and setup, SageVue intelligently interfaces with LDAP infrastructure, allowing IT managers to use existing data to control access to the software. For Tesira devices, users can access the functions associated with the device maintenance table and the configuration functions of VoIP-enabled devices. Remote firmware updates are also supported. For Devio devices, SageVue provides integrated access to the existing Devio device webpage.