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Please download both the updated manual and firmware updates.

iLX-407 1.0.11 (August 10, 2021) : Fixes wrong status display of Sub.W level and Sub.W Phase

iLX-W650 1.020 (August 16, 2021): Fixes the following

    • Saving crossover settings
    • Steering wheel controls for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay (Prev/Next, Play/Pause, Answer/End)
    • Bluetooth sound quality
    • Subwoofer gain decreasing when adjusting the parametric EQ
    • Subwoofer output
    • Parametric EQ Q-Factor improvements for sound tuning
    • Improved category search function for SiriusXM
    • Sub volume spikes after receiving a notification on Android Auto or Apple CarPlay
    • Head unit freezes when transferring phone book
    • Chirping sound when plugging in LG7 phone
    • Improved call audio quality when using Android Auto
    • Audio distortion of Apple CarPlay notifications.
    • Parametric EQ Presets do not take effect.

iLX-F409 / iLX-F411 Firmware update V1.3.7 (July 12, 2021): Fixes the following

    • Adds iDatalink Factory Media Support
    • Improves iDatalink gauge functionality Improves overall performance
    • “Vehicle Settings” menu can’t be accessed in the iDataLink settings. This affects Toyota vehicles.
    • Blank screen displays while using CarPlay or Android Auto every time climate is adjusted from OEM controls. This affects FCA and Ford Vehicles.
    • Climate controls not working on vehicles that are supported for the feature.
    • Added tech support phone # to “Maestro Communication Error Message”.
    • Audio pop during boot up